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The Harrison High School A Cappella Choir - “Ball of Confusion” from the album Soul In Rome ‘74, The Custom Fidelity Company, Inc., Chicago, IL.

Public Collectors has not done very much with uploading audio because there are so many great MP3 blogs that usually whenever I check to see if someone else has done the work of ripping some rare record to MP3, I find that they have. This track is an exception. Soul In Rome ‘74 is a record by a high school a cappella choir that mostly sings gospel, with a couple exceptions. One of those exceptions is this deeply funky track titled “Ball of Confusion” - a Temptations cover. It is by far the funkiest thing on the album (though their cover of “Sunshine Of My Life” is also quite lovely). Click here to download.

  1. clusterclotsnotrag said: hey i would be pretty interested in an mp3 of this i dig it are you planning on hosting it on your main site at all? its so good
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